ART and PASSION : Everything is a Self-Portrait.


I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ; Vincent Van Gogh


Everything is a Self-Portrait





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On Duty Making Art

City Lives Stories by Porporrina


Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting my website and thanks for becoming a fan of “City Lives Stories by Porporrina”

To remind you that we love to create art under the concept that let people can become part of.

” 1 LIKE = 1 House Drawn // 1 SHARE = 1 House Drawn and Your Name on “

Soon we will have a new “ART EVENY” that again would love your help to create it.

I’ll keep you up date 🙂


Meet the Artist

Porporr, Thai artist and pianist

” Since I was young, it’s my dream to become an artist”

Porr on her project : City Lives Stories

The Artist

Suthirak Rithraksa (Porporr) is a young artist from Bangkok. Formerly architect, she decided to dedicate herself to art. She has found her own style, inspired by our usual living and nature. She shares the surrounding hidden beauty of life. The one we often forget.

Each piece is a real journey to a fantastic world in which we can grant our mind to loose itself and come back full of positive energy.

Her deep positive attitude is also often at the service of some charity associations, doing entertainment for kids, making mural in order to make the place nicer for them…

Suthirak is definitely in need to share her beautiful view of life and to spread happiness all around.


Starting from 2014, I want to make art that letting people can become part of. 

Follow up with us and you will get to know all the activities we have on dates.

Facebook : www.facebook.com/suthirakworld

Instagram : porporrina

Twitter : @porporrina

Email : porporrina@gmail.com

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